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705071 – C8 Single-Break Strip Plates

C8 Single-Break Strip Plates

  • 12xC8 Well
  • PS
  • C-Bottom
  • Clear
  • High Binding
  • 10 pcs./Bag

C8 Single-break Strip Plates

  • Free of detectable DNase, RNase, human DNA
  • Non-Pyrogenic
  • The rounded corners mean that the individual wells can be pipetted without leaving a residue, and the flat bottom still enables precise optical measurements
  • The individual wells can be broken off separately (“single-break” option) and the number of tests performed can thus be precisely adjusted to the number of samples
  • Suitable for transmission measurements
  • Has been specifically treated to provide an incresed protein binding
  • 12 x C8 strips
  • Well profile: C-bottom (flat bottom profile with rounded corners)
  • MICROLON® 600, high binding
  • Clear strips

Technical Specifications

Description SB Strip Plate
Quantity×Strip Design 12×C8 Strips
Well Profile C-Bottom
Binding MICROLON® 600, High Binding
Colour of Strips Clear
Colour Coding on the Well Rim
Quantity Per Bag/Case 10/100