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765280 – Crystal Micro Pipette Tips 20 µl, Natural

Crystal Micro Pipette Tips

  • 0.5 µl – 20 µl
  • Suitable for Eppendorf®
  • Clear
  • 96 Pcs./Rack

Crystal Micro Pipette Tips 20 µl, natural

  • Manufactured from high-grade polypropylene to give the optimum performance and fit
  • Additionally, polypropylene has a high breaking strength, is dimensionally stable, heat-resistant up to approx. +140°C, i.e. is autoclavable, and cold-resistant down to -190°C
  • Free of heavy metals
  • Are manufactured under production conditions certified as conforming to the ISO 9001 standard. They are also tested for conformance with the international standard DIN ISO 8655
  • Micro pipette tips are suitable for the precise pipetting of the smallest possible liquid volumes as a result of their small size and thus small dead volume
  • Ideally suited for Eppendorf® Reference, Research Pro
  • Volume: 0.5 µl – 20 µl

Technical Specifications

Description Crystal Tip
Volume [µl] 0.5-20
Colour Natural
Quantity Per Packaging Unit/Case 96/4800
Packaging Unit Yellow ST-Rack
Matching Rack for Bulkware Tips