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783860-906 – 1536 Well Cycloolefin Storage Plates

1536 Well Cycloolefin Storage Plates

  • COC
  • F-Bottom
  • Clear
  • LoBase
  • 10 pcs./bag

1536 Well LoBase Cycloolefin Storage Plates for Acoustic Liquid Handling, Clear

  • Free of detectable DNase, RNase, human DNA
  • Non-pyrogenic
  • Manufactured under DIN ISO 9001 guidelines
  • Can be traced all the way back to production through a defined LOT number system
  • Made of solvent resistant cycloolefin
  • Small volumes can be pipetted very precisely and with minimal disturbance without the risk of cross-contamination
  • Characterised by good chemical resistance to polar solvents like DMSO and alcohols and a high water vapour barrier
  • Allows the storage of sample material in the 1536 well format, which is suitable for high-throughput screening
  • With a working volume of 3 µl – 10 µl this microplate is ideal for working with minimal sample volumes
  • Stringent production specifications for a guaranteed constant bottom quality
  • No electrostatic charge on the microplates
  • Length: 127.76 mm; width: 85.48 mm
  • Solid bottom
  • Well profile: F-bottom (flat bottom)

Technical Specifications

Well Format 1536 Well
Well Profile F-Bottom
Bottom Solid
Material COC
Colour Clear
Plate Design LoBase
Working Volume Per Well [µl] 3-10
Quantity Per Bag/Case 10/40