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L0950-100 – Accutase


  • Sterility : Sterile filtered
  • State : Frozen
  • Storage : -20°C
  • Shelf Life : 24 months
  • Shipping conditions : -20°C or dry ice


  • Accutase is a “ready to use” cell detachment solution of proteolytic and collagenolytic enzymes.
  • Accutase is the “gentler form” of Trypsin.
  • It can replace Trypsin/EDTA for the detachment and dissociation of “anchorage-dependent” cells from surfaces.
  • It can also be used on suspension cells to reduce clumping in preparation for counting.
  • Key advantages of Accutase over the traditional Trypsin/EDTA:
    – Less damaging to cells
    – Increased cell viability
    – Lowered risk of introducing adventitious agents
    – Significant reduction of any mammalian or bacterially derived proteins
    – Enhanced plating efficiency
    – Improved cell morphology and cell growth characteristics
    – Particularly useful for cells grown in serum free/protein free culture environment
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Technical Specifications

Description Accutase
Volume (ml) 100