CheckScanner™ and CheckReport™Software

The CheckScanner? is a PC-controlled biochip fluorescence scanner for the laboratory use in combination with the CheckReport?Software. It is designed to scan with high performance ready-to-use microarrays in HTA?Slides manufactured by Greiner Bio-One. The coordinated parallel development of compatible scanner and software permits the fully automated detection and analysis of up to 4 HTA?Slides. Through the use of innovative control systems on the individual diagnostic kits from Greiner Bio-One, which are monitored by the CheckReport?Software during the evaluation, false negative or false positive results are virtually excluded. The CheckReport?Software is now (from version 4.0) available for two different applications: ? The established CheckReport?Software Basic Version has been developed on the basis of several international standards including DIN EN ISO 13485. ? The new CheckReport?Software US Basic Version has been designed to allow FDA compliance in accordance with the terms of the Code of Federal Regulations 21 CFR Part 11: Electronic Records. Both are composed of three subsystems: ? CheckReport?SampleSheet: This unequivocally links patient data with an individual barcode on each biochip.? CheckReport?Result: The module is based on the successful GeneSpotter software from MicroDiscovery and contains the actual evaluation. ? CheckReport?Admin: This module controls the user management and prevents the misuse or manipulation of data.

Fully automated analysis of 4 HTA™
Slides in a Check Scanner™
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CheckReport™Software (CE-IVD)
CheckScanner™ (CE-IVD)
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