Inflammation of the gum (gingivitis) and the periodontium (periodontitis) are amongst the most common human diseases. If no treatment takes place, the inflammation possibly results in the loss of the affected teeth. Appearance and progression of most periodontal inflammatory processes involve a shift in the spectrum of oral bacterial species: Whereas in the healthy situation the oral microflora is mainly composed of gram-positive facultative anaerobes, in patients suffering from periodontitis gram-negative anaerobes predominate. A landmark work published by Sokransky et al. in 1998 (J Clin Periodontol 25, 134-144 (1998)) described six bacterial complexes associated with periodontal disease.

ParoCheck® is the first commercially available CE-IVD certified test system for the simultaneous identification of up to 20 different bacterial species of all six bacterial complexes. Thus, the result of ParoCheck® can assist the dentist in the decision of the appropriate treatment of the patient.

Specimen collection and DNA extraction prior to the utilisation of ParoCheck® are performed in using the ParoCheck® Collection Kit and the oCheck® DNA Extraction Kit, respectively.

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460 120
ParoCheck® 10 (CE-IVD) identification periodontal pathogens
ParoCheck® 20 (CE-IVD) identification periodontal pathogens
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