OncoQuick® is a simple to use, rapid and effcient system for the enrichment of circulating tumour cells that are released into the blood by a solid epithelial tumour or malignant melanoma. OncoQuick® combines the advantages of cell separation by density gradient centrifugation (rapid, reproducible and cost effective) with recovery rates that are comparable with immunobead methods.

OncoQuick® consists of a sterile 50ml polypropylene tube with a porous barrier, which is inserted above the specially developed separation medium. Up to 30ml of anticoagulated whole blood is directly filled into the OncoQuick® tube and centrifugated. Apart from erythrocytes and granulocytes, the separation medium also allows the elimination of lymphocytes and mononuclear cells to a wide extent. The disseminated tumour cells are enriched in the interphase. After harvesting, the enriched cell fraction is washed. The tumour cells are then available for all standard diagnostic methods. OncoQuick® was developed in a cooperation between Hexal Gentech and Greiner Bio-One and is intended for use for research purposes only!

Features: Time request appox. 45 minutes • Reproducible recovery: > 70% • Depletion of blood cells by up to 6 log units • No additional laboratory equipment required • No need for magnetic beads • No blocking of marker molecules • Enrichment directly from whole blood.


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OncoQuick® tubes with porous barrier and separation medium
OncoQuick® tubes with porous barrier and separation medium
Sample volume
15 – 30 ml blood
15 – 30 ml blood
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pack of 4 pcs.
pack of 10 pcs.
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as = aseptically produced