Eppendorf Pipette Stands
    Cat#   Description Box Size   Price/Each(Rs.)
  3115 000.003   Pipette carousel for 6 pipettes 1 pcs.   16180.00
  3115 000.020   Pipette holder for wall mounting 1 pcs.   2580.00
  4860 000.267   Charging stand for one pipette, 230V/50Hz 1 pcs.   23440.00
  4860 000.860   Charging stand for four pipette, 230V/50Hz 1 pcs.   42820.00
  4981 203.009   Multipette plus wall mount 1 pcs.   2370.00
Eppendorf Research® Plus (multi-channel pipettes)

Eppendorf sets a new standard in pipetting. The ultra light Eppendorf Research plus pipette meets the highest needs in precision and accuracy – combined with ultimate ergonomics and increased flexibility. It is a good feeling to know you are doing the right thing – to know you are working with one of the most advanced pipette in the world. A spring loaded tip cone, a secondary calibration option, an improved volume display – and all that in an ultra light, fully autoclavable pipette: That is the new Eppendorf Research plus pipette.

Ergonomics: The more strain you experience, the less energy you have. And because energy is a very precious and exhaustible resource, we try to use it as efficiently as possible. Thus the Eppendorf Research plus has been developed within the strict criteria of the Eppendorf PhysioCare Concept®. PhysioCare Concept® stands for ultimate durability, intuitive operation and above all for perfect balance and minimal user exertion.

Flexibility: Your next experiment will need new pipetting schemes. Your new laboratory might have different sources of contamination. Your new pipette should offer all the flexibility you need. Calibrate your Research plus to your needs, autoclave the entire pipette or only the lower part. Choose among single channel, multi channel and fix-volume pipettes in different sizes.

Robustness: Durability was tested thoroughly and has met the highest quality requirements. Resistance to chemical, thermal and mechanical stress is now unchallenged.

  Cat#   Description   Price/Each(Rs.)
Research plus, 8-Channel Multichannel Micropipettes
3122 000.019   Research plus, 8-channel 0.5-10 μl   80020.00
3122 000.035   Research plus, 8-channel 10-100 μl   80020.00
3122 000.051   Research plus, 8-channel 30-300 μl   80020.00
  Research plus 12-Channel Multichannel Micropipettes
  3122 000.027   Research plus, 12-channel 0.5-10 μl   87430.00
  3122 000.043   Research plus, 12-channel 10-100 μl   87430.00
  3122 000.060   Research plus, 12-channel 30-300 μl   87430.00
  0030 058.607   Reagent reservoir for reagent take up with multichannel   2770.00
      pipette, autoclavable, filling volume 50-60 ml, 1 set=10 pcs.