About Company

Today at Jain Biologicals, we have achieved the distinction to cater to the scientific world in India with excellent response due to our well groomed sales, service & technical support staff in our corporate office. We have our own catalogue mentioning the details of products which we represent for India. We print over 10,000 catalogues every year which is distributed all over India to the various scientists, researchers, technicians working in institutes, pharmaceuticals, hospitals etc.

We, at Jain Biologicals recognize the needs of our customer help them make critical decisions, streamline processes & improve results by supporting them with expertise & highly specalised skills to work out their problems and find solutions. We have sufficient stock at our premises so as to effect instant delivery to our customers requirements in most of the cases.

We have a wide representation through out the country with sub-distributors in all important cities of India, which are supported by our company’s sales executives present in different regions of the country. They work in collaboration with our sub-distributors to cover each and every corner of India.

We represent following companies for india.

An DIN EN ISO 9001 and DIN EN ISO 13485, company dealing with complete range of Plasticwares, Tissue Culturewares, Immunology, High Thoughtput Screening, Microtitration, Molecular Biology and many others products.

An DIN EN ISO 9001 company, for its complete range of Liquid Handling & Dispensing systems.

Founded in 1987, Biowest is the european leader in the collection of the animal sera and also a known suppliers of cell culture media.

Serana (WA) pty Ltd has established its position as a world class supplier of animal sera, media etc. Their goal is surpass customer expectations in price & products delivery in the world on time.

AppliChem was founded with the aim of supplying chemicals for chemical, biological, pharmaceutical and clinical research.